Diigo Teams is now live!


We are proud to announce that “Diigo Teams” is now live and ready to help teams research online collaboratively on a level that is unmatched. From international fortune 500 corporations to small groups, “Teams” will vastly improve the way you and your teammates research collaboratively and share with simplicity and convenience.


           Sharing relevant content has never been this easy. Any information you find online can be shared throughout your entire team, where you and your team members can collaborate by annotating important pieces of content, tagging keywords, and leaving comments. From web pages, images, videos and PDF’s, “Teams” simplifies online research and will keep track of details including your team tags, the number of views a post has had, who made which annotation and more. Text based content will be displayed in our “Diigo Readability” view, which removes unnecessary ads and intrusions, letting your team focus on the important content while displaying annotations and offering various fonts and text sizes.


           All of these functions allow your team to create a centralized database of relevant content that is easily accessible and searchable by all or your members, all of your team’s research in one place. All content that is added to “Teams” is permanently stored on our secure private servers, so it will always be accessible even in the case that the original source no long exists.


           Managing your teams and keeping track of overall activity is streamlined through our administrative dashboard and general team overviews. Adding or removing team members, modifying individual teams or existing content, generating invoices and much more can easily be done by team administrators. All teammates will also be able to gain a basic view of individual member activeness through the activity leaderboard, which ranks individual activity for individual teams or overall throughout the company.


We understand that everyone has different platforms for consuming content that they are familiar with, so we made it easy to send content to “Diigo Teams” through various social media channels including Twitter, Pocket, Instapaper, etc. Integrations with Slack including in channel invitations and notifications are designed to keep your team up to date.

           When it comes to online research and curation, “Teams” has got you covered. All team members will also have access to Diigo’s “professional’ package for individual users, the highest tier available for personal use. Take advantage of our 10 years of experience organizing online content with an unlimited amount of Outliners and PDF annotations.

Try “Diigo Teams” for free, and see what your team has been missing!



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